Friday, February 3, 2012

Wednesday's results

First of all, my protocol was not as strict for my Wednesday workout than the other. It was divised in two parts : strength and core.

Strenght training

My protocol was to reach magic number 10 with 2-5 reps. Ex 3reps x 3 sets = 9 or 2reps x 5 sets = 10. 2min rest between sets

-Pull ups 66.67% (3 to 5 RM)
-Dips 80% (0lbs to 45lbs)


-High rep Two handed dumbell swings 25% (75reps 40lbs / 75reps 50lbs)
  • 1 set 60 to 80 reps. I realized it was hard being consistent with this one. The weight I was using the number of reps changed a lot. I suppose I was more tired one day of less the other....I overall got stronger at it and/or my technic got better.
-Myotatic crunch 1000% (0lbs to 10lbs)
  • I have tried to use a bosu ball as often as I could. 10 reps. 2 sec at the top, 3-4 going down, 2sec at the bottom, 3-4 going up.
-Cat vomit ?%
  • 8-12 sec pulling in and one full breath cycle. Because gravity does the resistance and that you always pull as hard as you can, it's impossible to collect any data.
Because some weeks I couldn't not go to the gym, I switched the dips for other push ups variations like one handed or handstand. I also added one legged squat twice, but it is also hard to collect data, because I needed to pull myself up with a strap to perform them proprely.
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