Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Dance practices recap & bonus : Januray 28th to Febuary 4th

Here a recap of week practices. You will see my very pregnant friend Melanie that agreed to practice once a week. She has never danced Lindy Hop before. She used to be my Balboa students for many years. In two practices, we covered all the basics and she can dance! Isabelle has also decided to come back. We agreed with 2 practices per week. So far she skipped her workouts and her body aches a lot, mainly because of a week posterior chain. Let's hope she won't kill herself in the air. You won't find Kathleen. We practiced twice, she canceled two practices. I emailed her, but I didn't get any answer. And because it's against my beliefs to force someone to become a superstar, I droped the ball. Enjoy!

Fred Barbe
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