Thursday, February 16, 2012

Swing Intermediate students

I have teach with studio 88-SWING for 2 years, Cat's Corner for 1 year and on my own for a year. I won't talk about international teaching which is irrelevant for my current subject. I taught other people's syllabi for so long and it can get very frustrating. I do believe most of the top dancers (I even believe everybody, but most people just don't realize it) are really good at one or a very small amount of things. I have always been impress with Max Pitruzzella capacity of copying something in a glimpse and improving it right away. My talent is to understand the quickest path to get good. I have never claimed to be exceptionally talented! Because what I care the most about is teaching and coaching, I knew I had to become very good or I would get no credibility in the field of swing dancing. I made of lot of experiment on myself and I am very happy to see my first results with others. Actually, I have had good results in the past coaching dancers such as Martin Roy, Geraldine Durand-Groulx, David Caya, Sandrine Lambin-Gagnon and more, however I was way more unexperienced at that time.

Last Tuesday, my students from my Swing Intermediate were learning to swing out after only 10 weeks and they were so good. I blamed myself so hard not having my camcorder... Everything in my syllabus was to prepare that glorious moment and it worked big time!

I will do my best to record them next week.

Fred Barbe
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