Monday, February 27, 2012

Do what I say not what I do : take measurements!

I always thought taking measurements was for the others, those crushed by Resistance with no will power. I now understand that I could not have been more wrong. Measurements are a necessity for any project you take seriously and just because I am a weirdo that doesn't results for motivation, it doesn't mean I should take measurements seriously.

Since I started my slow carb diet, I have noticed a major difference in the first 3 or weeks getting rid of that extra fat. After that, the visual difference was not that obvious. It's still hard to see the bottom my my lower rectus abdomis giving a 4 pack and a half. I started to see my obliques, which means my body fat probably is around 12-13%. For the past 3-4 weeks, I was wondering if I would see any more results. I simply weighed myself last Friday and i am now 180lbs. My pants feel looser and my shirts feel tighter, which most likely means I'm leaner and put some muscular weight on. But it is all feelings and not data. Fortunately enough, I learned to love that slow carb diet so much, that I can,t imagine myself getting back to eating like I used to.

If food, weight, fat percentage, all that is fairly easy to measure and there should be no excuse not doing it. What about dancing? I am using 2 tools systematically : journal logs and videos. I try to compare the newest videos with others 2 or 3 months old to noticed a difference. By writing down my different objectives, I can know what has improved and what hasn't through my very subjective eye. What I should probably be doing is showing my videos to honest people close to me. I emphasize ''honest'' because nice people are no use in that matter. You can agree or disagree, but listening what people think of your art is a real hard skill to learn. Anyhow, you need footage for that!

Fred Barbe