Monday, February 6, 2012

Friday's results : end of my pre-hab cycle

This is the 3rd part of my pre-hab workout plan. I focused for 8 weeks on 2 exercices : Turkish get ups and two handed single leg dead lift. I corrected my imbalances within 2 weeks, just as for my Monday's workout and got impressive results. The protocole was about the same than Monday :
  • 3-5 reps strong side | 5 sets on strong side / 2 sets on weak side (more than 10% difference)
  • Same amount of unloaded reps right after the loaded set
  • 1min pause between sets
By the 3-4 last weeks, I focused on 3 good reps and only 1 unloaded for the TGU. It took me about 40-45 min the first weeks to do 5 TGU + 5 unloaded reps for 5 sets.

TGU right 50.00% (30lbs to 45 lbs)
TGU left 125.00% (20lbs to 45 lbs)

THSLDL Right 85.71% (70lbs to 130lbs)
THSLDL left 85.71% (70lbs to 130lbs)

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