Saturday, January 14, 2012

Video time

Whenever I feel too tired to practice (and since it was by myself anyway), it feels just as productive to watch and analyse some dance videos.

Kevin and Jo at Leapin' Lindy 2011

I like them both a lot. Kevin has his unique way to move with his unique body. Did you enjoy the solo part as much as I did? They are doing nothing and look awesome!

Lindy Focus X: Instructor Demos

That is a lot of dancing to process at once! I love Adam & Aba (1m to 1m52). Those guys are smooth! It was also good to see Vanessa dancing with Mickey and keeping up with that mad man. You have seen those moves? They sure look goog together. I am a fan of Mike Roberts and Laura Glaess (5m09- 5m42). Whenever  I practice with a girl that doesn't like to fly, they are a very good inspiration. I took me way more than 14 minutes to watch the whole video. it doesn't awe you all the time, but it sure gives a good idea about the modern swing scene.

Lindy Focus X: Open Lindy Hop Jack & Jill

Some great dancing in there. We understand the level of dancing in a event such as Lindy Focus when we can see those guys competing in the open division. It doesn't seem any of the couples took advantage of the battle format though... 

Lindy Focus X Performance: William & Maeva

How can't we love them. They have everything : a great partnership, awesome dancing and performing skills. 

Lindy Focus X: Wednesday Night Jam Circle

People were obviously very excited to be there, because energy is up the roof! Once again, no need for the teachers to be there to put a good show. I am very glad this has been recorded.

Frédéric Barbe