Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Slow card diet : week 4

I’m experiencing my fourth week on my slow carb diet, as described in the 4HB, and I’m having a wonderful time. Tim Ferris made me realize something I already knew, but didn’t want to accept: eating is the basis of the pyramid. I used to eat bad and feel guilty about it. I would workout 5-6 days/week to compensate for my bad habits. My girlfriend asked me how long would I do it for? My answer : ‘’why would I ever stop?!’’. I was the kind of person when I was a little depressed to go for comfort food. Not anymore! Every time I think about something I would like to eat, that goes right onto my binge day list. This is the best part. For one whole day, you can eat all the crap you want and this will help you to reach your goals, not bad! No guilt, no discomfort, just awesome results so far.

The main down point is when you want to have diner with friends or family and this is not your binge day. First, nobody get it, but they all think they do! People would either try to convince you to stop your diet or how you should adjust it. I thought it was just a gym phenomenon about how one should workout, but it seems it also concern food. I can live with that! Second, it’s easier to cut carb than sugar. Even if you go with meat and veggies, if you didn’t cook it, you can be sure there is some sugar in there.

Because I hate measurements, I won't be able to quantify the results. However, it's obvious I'm getting leaner and I'm gaining muscles. I also have more energy and feel awesome. I had to get more organized and start planning meals in advance which is overall a very good thing for me.
Frédéric Barbe