Friday, January 20, 2012

Functional stength

In swing dancing, especially if you go for aerials, you need a certain amount of strength, but strength alone is not enough it has to be functional. Generally speaking, machines at the gym are the worst. They isolate one or very few muscles from the rest of the body. The human body isn't made to work that way. For any natural movement, and we keep on saying that swing is a natural dance, you have many muscle groups that will work together. This is why, if you want to get stronger, or at the very least correct some imbalances to avoid injuries and develop a proper posture, you should find a workout with functional movements. Most of workouts with body weight only will give you that. I don't believe in yoga as much as I used to, but it at least develops functional patterns directly transferable to your dance.

Even if you develop strong rotators cuff muscles using traditional exercises, nothing can guaranty you they will play their role when you need them because you didn't train them that way. What I have tried to do for 2 months now is to work on functional exercises through a strength protocol and I must say, I can see amazing results already. More on that later. Check out those Turkish get ups!

Frédéric Barbe