Friday, January 20, 2012

General Physical Preparedness in swing dancing

For many years now I have tried to explain to as many dancers as possible that the best way to improve the dancing skills fast is to work on their physical aptitudes. Because it goes against the general admitted idea ‘’I will be a better dancer by dancing’’, I never had a lot of success with my preaching. Also, I have the bad habits of telling people the truth instead of letting them discover it, which does not help to get people to listen to you.

I have been across Dynamics Strength Blog last week and they illustrate the concept pretty well with those two pictures. If you did not figure it out yet, the size of the pyramids represent you as a swing dancers : the beigger the better!

Weak General Physical Preparedness

Strong General Physical Preparedness


For me, swing dancing share some key points of both arts and sports and to perform well, one should get inspired by both worlds. I have been studying for a long time how the different athletes of the different disciplines train. The hard part is that nothing is totally like Swing dancing. So you need to get a little of modern dance, a little of gymnastic, a little of ice skating,… In the end, to get as good as we can in swing dancing, we need to define all parts of the pyramid which is not an easy task! I think we are on the right track with the Skill specific Preparedness though. One thing is certain, we need something more specific than any P90X, Insanity or Cross fit program for the rest!

Frédéric Barbe