Monday, January 23, 2012

Square one...again!

It is so rare to find someone dedicated to swing dancing as much as I am and it is not getting any better. Even when Patricia was in town, we would dance maybe once a week, so I had to rely on ''practice followers'' which is fine. I have been looking for another follows for a long time, but I have  always ended with the same situation : most people don't want to work as hard as I do on dancing. Even with a follow already at an international level, it will go nowhere if we don't work regularly on our material and partnership. I have established a basic protocol that I have refined over the years consisting of 3 dance training and 2-3 workout (pre-hab/strength + motor skills) per week. My bet is that I can take a skillful girl and bring her to a competition level within 6 to 8 months. What I have been neglected is the psychological aspect. Girls have a tendency to put a lot of pressure on themselves, especially if she is your girlfriend (my bad). Therefore, I incorporated some tactics such as tracking the results. The trainee can follow her progress with objective tools and can keep her motivation to the roof. Of course, all that is still theoretical and has yet to be proven.

I failed with Isabelle after 3-4 months and now I am at square one again with a new trainee Kathleen. I will keep you posted!

Frédéric Barbe