Monday, December 23, 2013

Videos random

In this drll, +Julien Gosselin and +Sarah Jacques are working on 3 moves: swing out, under arm and full bring in. The objective is to keep the groove of the dance all the time which is probably the most typical sticking points among intermediate dancers.
Now the focus is on the free arm. I gave them few ideas and they are tring them out. Swing dancing is about finding what is right for you and that ask for some experimentations.
Front squat rules! Very uncomfortable at first, it forces thoracic expension and the shoulders and wrists moblity. Plus, like most posterior chain compond movements, you can ge pretty strong with it evn wihtout any other exercices in you rroutine. My typical progression would be wall squat, goblet squat, front squat and finally back squat. 
The hang man is a weird variation from the Manhattan Routine. Fortunately, I practiced those plenty in Balboa, so now I'm trying to do them wiht the Shag groove.
Last attempt of the day with the Manhattan routine.