Friday, May 2, 2014

Summer goals: the short list

I love summer! It's about 3 months I love to work on something new. This time, might be because of the never ending winter, but I'm on fire. I keep my dance training, strength training and cardiac coherence training. Here's a list of my mid-term goals:

  • Mastering the longboard. I just got this sucker a month ago and I just started feeling comfortable (by that I mean not beng scared of killing myself every time I step on it). Crazy thing when you own a loagboard, you will make new unexpected friends who will have the feeling that you share something in common. Same happened with my tattoo! 
  • Honing my basketball individual skills. I used to play basketball as a teenager and thought I was the next big thing until I realize I wasn't good enough to play in a college team. I now apply what I discover about learning new skills and apply it to the sport. After 2 weeks, all skills are either back or better than before and a lot of room for improvement. I want to dunk by the end of the summer what I never could.
  • Honing my volleyball skills with +Vivianne Carrier. I never truly learn that sport even if I have always been way better than the next guy. From my analysis, the individual skills re less than basketball, but playing as a team is no an option. For those familiar with some recreative volleyball, you probably noticed that most points are scored on services which is pretty lame if you think about it.