Saturday, May 24, 2014

Happier clips from people at my gym

Even if my intentions were pure with that post showing people at my gyms doing all kind of crap, I have been criticize as if my purpose is to make fun of them. I should have known better since it's common pratice on the web. In fact, I'm merely trying to use peer pressure as a rethorical process to discourage bad practice and encourage good ones. To show my good faith, I thought about posting clips of people who are doing the right thing or are on the good path. As the other post, I will keep adding clips over time.

You can be all ''this is not a lot of weight'' or ''this is sissy deadlift'' or else, but the girl is pregnant and deadlifting.....pretty cool!

I like this one. She looks like an average girl who simply wishes to get in shape. She doesn't have the profile of an athlete and she's not overweight, but she brought her bench press over time to a 95lbs for a roughly 125lbs girl.

This guy is about the age of my dad or a bit older. Look at his form! Yes he bounces the weight on the floor and yes high reps deadlift a rarely great, but he keeps the weight relatively light and his form doesn't change much.

This clip could've go in either post, but I choose to put it here. Why you ask? He reminds me of myself when I was younger. He has the sport guy profile. He probably heard somewhere ''squat! this will improve your vertical jump.'' So he remember from some blurry memory that you should never squat below 90 degree and he tries really hard not to and he keeps adding weight on top of his poor form. Get a coach people! Even if you want to build your own program, just because you can, you need help to get your forms right. This will save you more time and money than you can imagine.