Thursday, June 5, 2014

PRs day!

Just when I've started having doubts about the program (damn me!), today got me back on track! 
Bodyweight : 198lbs

Double kettelbell snatch 28kg
You can see a little push at the end, but I was so freaking far from that 2 weeks ago ,that I call it a success! 

Deadlift 405lbs x 2reps
I used the same 5-3-2 protocol than last time. I put 20lbs in 6 weeks, my form is better and it honestly felt light, keeping 2-3 reps in the bank. This was my goal, so I stuck to it. 

Final thoughts

The 3sec hold deadlifts I have been doing is probably the best drill I have been using to improve my deadlift in the past year. It just puts you in the right position and forces your erectors to engage properly. You can still see from my rounded back how weak they still are, but stronger than before. From my experience, a close variation of what you are tying to accomplish will help you better than single joint assistance exercises. I fell that I understand better how to use my glutes now than after a cycle of hip thrusts even if I really like that exercise.