Tuesday, January 14, 2014

New toy to mess around in the bus

I just got that my parents for Christmas. Hearthmath has many products and the Emwaves2 seems the most suited for my needs. This is a biofeedback device that allows you to coordinate the frequency of your breathing and your hearth and reach the state of coherence. I’ve been experimenting with Dr. O’Hare’s pen & paper method for years, but I have never been consistent at it. My 2 major issues with that method were the 3min x 3 times/day (harder than you think!) and the absence of direct feedback. With the Emwaves2, you know if you are in the zone or not and offers 4 different difficulty levels. I have been doing it for 5-10 mins/day for a week and a half now and I still can’t be in the zone at the 2nd level despite some improvement.
Being a clear sympathetic dominant, I hope to reach a better equilibrium sympathetic/parasympathetic and enjoy all the benefits from it in a couple of months, like putting money in the bank!