Friday, November 29, 2013

New 5 weeks cycle: Squats & upperbody ladders

Here’s exactly how it’s going to be for the next 5 weeks :
-5 days/week
-1st  lift: Squat / 1 workset / 5 reps
-2nd lift: Floor press / Bent over rows / Overhead press / weigthed chin-ups / dips (ladders)
-3rd lift: Dumbell snatch with Fatzgrip / 1 workset / 5 reps / side
-4th lift: some abswork like abwheel, leg raise, etc. / 1-3  worksets / 5 reps

First impressions

All my wall squats, goblet squats and front squats seem to pay off. I haven’t been so at ease doing ‘’back’’ squat (or just squat) even if I can’t remember last time I did those a couple months back. I started a bit too heavy for me with a 225lbs x 5 and I had to drop my weights to 205lbs for 2 days instead of the other way around despite my experience with weightlifting. The soreness from the muscles I don’t use often this way should disappear eventually. I never realized how much leg action there is in the squat, but what I do realize is why so many people can’t do it properly and get injured squatting.

If you count 2, 3, 5 reps times 5 ladders equals 50 reps total. That’s a lot of volume compared to what I’ve been doing in the last year and a half or so. I’m sore, but nothing that would keep me from dancing. I can’t wait to see it that will have an positive impact on my presses! The intensity is a tiny bit lower than what I would use for 1 set of 5 despite the volume I use. It seems my upper body can handle volume way better than intensity. We will see how much of an impact this will have. If that doesn’t work with 3 different presses, I might have to choose 1 press, but I don’t think my body would appreciate the bench press for 150 reps/week. That will probably put some meat on me as well!

I’ll see if such a regimen is sustainable in the long run. So far it feels like a lot of energy  and takes me about 1h/day lifting weight which is too much.