Friday, March 28, 2014

Clips from random people at my commercial gym: funny and sad at the same time

I will keep adding clips on this post. This is all about all the stupid stuff we see everyday in a commercial gym. For a lot of us, we have no other option to have access to a barbell, enough weight and a rack. Instead of hitting my head against the wall everyday, I thought it would be more fun to secretly record some of the jewels and share them on my personal blog. I know, I are welcome!

It's the second time I see an old Asian dude doing some weird ... I can't even call that exercise!

Wow! It's a decent weight by commercial gym standard and he even knows how to get up from his sited position. I guess throwing weights on the floor help him to feel like a real man.

This is a classic scenery in any commercial gym. Girls.... you probably don't even have a good time at the gym. Either get in, do something productive and get out or go for some other productive activity like walking.

For those unfamiliar with the bench press, you either have a hard time to push from the bottom position or to lock out at the top. This guy solved everybody's problems, just avoid either! 

Ah, the sissy deadlift.... atrocious form and ridiculous weight, agreed! Now watch the clip below.

He coaches her, but her form is better than his! I almost told him he should let her coach him, but I didn't dare...

Full screen and look at the guy on the bench. What kind of a ROM is that?! Really?! The guy was puny if this is even necessary to add, lol!

This one seriously needs coaching. The video doesn't really show how rounded his back is pulling all that 65lbs off the floor. His grocery bags are probably heavier.

Whatever this is, this skinny 175lbs guy doesn't need that before a couple of years of heard training.

This is what happen when you superset everything with no break. The standard push up might get too easy too fast, but it's a great movement pattern builder when done correctly.

Let's call this one the classic! If some powerlifter have seen a correlation between biceps curls and their 300+ bench press, I'm pretty sure this is not the guy's story!