Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Hip fexor pain when deadlifting: modifications from my current cycle

After a few searches online, I'm most likely experiencing a femoral anterior glide syndrome apparently quite common amongst deadlifters. Basically my glutes are not doing their job when needed. It could feel it a lot after my last heavy workout of the 2nd week. I switch to some medium-heavy hip thrust (275-315lbs) followed by some light deadlift variations such as 1 legged or large sumo deadlift. i think I can get back to my program next week keeping the hip thrust prior deadlifting and backing off with the weights. The pain is almost all gone now.

Super large sumo deadlift as described in Power to the people professional. Just practicing my skills with a light 225lbs. I'm trying to get my hips closer the the bar. I dropped the plates on my right foot, so I'm glad this is not 400lbs we're talking about.

I also dropped my upper body pulling day keeping only my bench press day and my ''bodybuilding'' day (more sets and shorter rest). It was too taxing and and Already feel better. Will see if I get any results. I feel the pump, but I can't lift more weight yet. I also change my bent over row to start from the floor to avoid any jerking. Tough move anyway! I understang more and more why Pavel never recommends it.