Friday, May 4, 2012

3rd week of my new strength training :Wednesday

You heard me comlaining about my lack of results. Those are nice results for a 3rd week!

Box jumps : 1st week stage 15 / 3rd week stage 17

Box plyo push ups : 1st week stage 6 / 3rd week stage 8

1 leg cross body rows : 1st week 80lbs / 3rd week 85lbs

1 leg squat  cross arm on a box : 1st week 0lbs/ 3rd week 15lbs

Bridge : 1st week from the ground / 3rd week down the wall & up the wall
This is why witing down results is important. It's obvious what works and what does not. This new protocol seems to fit me better so far.

Fred Barbe