Friday, March 9, 2012

Strenght training 5 weeks results

I don't know what to think of my results (or lack of results) so far. It might be my fault trying to mix 2 protocols that made sense to me.

For my main protocol, I'm using right now is from Barry Ross' structure. He had a lot of success with his athletes. The idea is to pick 2 or 3 lifts (he suggests dead lifts, bench press) :
  • 3 reps 95% RM
  • 5 plyometrics
  • 5 minutes break
  • 5 reps 85% RM
  • 5 plyometrics
  • 5 minutes break
  • 3 times / week
It might be because I have done, cross-fit / HIIT for so long, but I couldn't pick only 3 lifts. Plus, I don't believe so much in bench press. Because that lift isolate the scapula from the natural movement of the shoulder, it doesn't seem too functional. I have also been influenced by the calisthenics exercises and it seems kind of important to lift my own weight.

I divided my lifts in 3 ccategories :
  • Push
    • Dips, handstand push ups, one handed push ups
  • Pull
    • Pull ups, close grip/uneven pull ups, one legged cross body rows
  • Legs
    • Dead lifts, assisted one legged squat
On top of that I'm doing one core oriented exercise per session that I hold 3 times 5-6 sec and 30 sec break :
  • torture twist, bridges, leg raise
Here's my results anyway after 5 weeks. I intend to complete 8-10 weeks at least before any modifications.

Lifts                   Starting weight           Finishing weight         %progress        Frequency

Dead lift             196lbs                        262lbs                        34%                2x/week
Pull ups               22lbs                         25lbs                         13%                1x/week
Dips                    45lbs                         66lbs                         46%                1x/week
OLCBR              80lbs                         90lbs                         12.5%             1x/week
OHPU                -7 steps                      -4 steps                     43%                1x/week

It's impossible for me to collect reliable data for those lifts. Most of them feel easier, but it's quite irrelevant. I still can't do a full handstand push ups or squat on 1 leg.

Close grip pull ups / uneven pull ups
Handstand push ups (half/full)
Assisted single leg squat

Torture twist 3x5sec
Bridge 3x5sec
Leg raise

(The pyramide shape was not on purpose, but it looks kinda cool!)

Fred Barbe